Model: REED-INSPECT-KIT | UPC: 800837004215

This Home Inspection Kit Includes an Infrared Thermometer, Digital Psychrometer, Pinless Moisture Meter, Laser Distance Measurer, Wood Moisture Detector, Carrying Case.


This REED REED-INSPECT-KIT Home Inspection Kit Includes

REED 8706 Digital Psychrometer / Thermo-Hygrometer, Wet Bulb, Dew Point, Temperature, Humidity

Accurate and fast responding with an optional probe for contact/differential temperature measurements.

REED R6015 Wood Moisture Meter

Designed specifically to measure moisture in approximately 170 species of wood.

REED R6010 Pinless Moisture Meter

Non-invasive pinless moisture detector with backlit LCD display.

REED R8004 Laser Distance Meter, 131′ (40m)

Designed for one-handed operation, internal memory saves up to 30 measurements.

REED R2300 Infrared Thermometer

Fast responding entry-level infrared thermometer with min/max temperature readings and adjustable high/low-temperature alarms.

REED R9950 Soft Carrying Case

Accommodates up to 3 medium to large-sized instruments and accessories.