Fault Locator

Fault locator devices are used to quickly understand the problems that occur in electronic and mechanical devices. These devices are essential for early detection and faster repair of problems. We can say that people who serve in this field especially need fault detection devices. You can follow us for devices of famous brands such as Polar and Reed.

Diagnostic device models

As Er-Sa Elektrik, we offer the best fault detection devices on the market for you. Thanks to the vibration meter and advanced models that provide data recording, we offer products that will help you in which areas you want to diagnose. Faults belonging to Gerber or CAD files can be detected in a short time with fault detection devices with Flying Probe technology. Thanks to this technology, faults can be detected at three different points per second.

One of the prominent models among fault detection devices is short-circuit fault detection devices. These are used to detect faults in short-circuit cards, which are among the most common problems. These faults must be detected and repaired in a short time. At this point, the need for short-circuit fault detection devices arises. These systems detect faults in a short time and also provide repair.

Diagnostic devices at discounted prices

The price of fault detection devices, which are used effectively in many different areas, is also an important detail. While the price is affordable for models with some simple systems, devices with advanced systems have much higher costs. You can follow us and get help for the best and highest quality but affordable fault detection devices. We offer you many different brands and models of products and enable you to buy them with confidence.

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