Solder and Fluxes

Solder and fluxes, which are used as auxiliary elements when soldering is desired, are the most basic needs of people working in this field. Products in this category are lead solders, lead-free solders and fluxes. Solders provide the substance that soldering products used to join two materials need while doing this process. Thus, the soldering process is done securely. Thanks to fluxes, it is also possible to combine different metals effectively.

Top quality solders and fluxes for soldering operations

One of the most basic needs of those who want to do soldering is undoubtedly solder and flux. It assists the soldering process in both products. There are many different types of products on the market for the comfort of users. These product types also stand out with their different functions. These products are generally needed in the assembly of circuits, repair of electrical and electronic equipment and in various professions.

Products, also referred to as solder paste, are generally obtained from a mixture of lead and tin. Some types do not contain lead and are sold as lead-free. The usage areas of leaded and unleaded products are different from each other. Solder and fluxes are widely used and preferred products in our country. They are also in high demand, as their general use is so widespread. As Es-Pa Elektronik, we are an important company where you can supply these products.

Affordable solders and fluxes

If you want an affordable price guarantee for solders and fluxes that are frequently used in soldering processes, you are at the right address. High quality solder and fluxes are extremely affordable on our site. You can choose us for solder and fluxes and you can easily buy the products. In addition, you can find the products you are looking for by reviewing our page for the soldering products you will need.

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