Hand Tools

Hand tools are products used to fix things that are broken, broken or have simple problems in your daily life. These products are generally used to restore the goods or prepare them for use in different ways. Featured products in this category; pickpockets, pliers, screwdrivers, tweezers, vices and cable strippers. As Er-Sa Elektrik, we offer hand tools from important brands such as Piergiacom.

Most needed hand tools

Hand tools produced according to different usage areas and purposes are specially designed for the comfortable use of people. If these products are not comfortable in long-term use, they may damage your hands. The most important feature of hand tools is that these products can be used effectively for all minor repair situations. The most commonly used hand tools are screwdrivers. Screwdrivers are items that are found in almost every home and that everyone knows how to use. It is useful to be careful both when using and storing these products.

Hand tools are divided into 7 groups including safety tools. Products are grouped according to usage area and purpose. This makes it much easier to find and purchase the product you need. When purchasing and using hand tools, you should definitely pay attention to the ergonomics. Otherwise, it will not be useful and may cause many muscle and joint problems for long-term use. Especially if you are constantly using these tools, you may face permanent problems.

Quality and affordable hand tools

The prices of hand tools that we may always need in our daily lives vary according to the type and features of the product. In addition, if the products have extra features, the price subject changes. You can choose our Er-Sa Elektrik company for quality and affordable hand tools and you can easily place an order on our website.

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