• content: see parts list below
  • preset torque, tolerance +/-10% (+/-6% on request), accurate and accurate for 20,000 clicks
  • adapter Ø 8 mm, length 22 mm (without shank)
  • hex shank 4.0 mm. In combination with power-tool max. speed 100 rpm.
  • magnet bit holder 4.0 mm
  • material alloyed steel HRC 43-48
  • plus 2 pieces of bit adapter 1/4 inch to 4 mm in plastic quadro-box
  • 1-bit aluminum holder, 1-bit steel holder chromed
  • in plastic quadro box (91x43x15mm)
  • weight 70 g


The torque adapter is suitable for low torques. Thanks to the BERNSTEIN bit adapter, it can easily be clamped between any commercially available holding tool and a 4 mm bit. This turns every bit holder into a torque screwdriver.


Precise and accurate, for 20,000 clicks. Adapters are mainly suitable for manual operation. In conjunction with power-tool we recommend max. a speed of 100 rpm, with minimal click repetition. Higher speed as special model on request.


Torque adapter set consists of:

  • 4-971 torque adapter 0.1Nm for 4mm bits
  • 4-972 torque adapter 0.2Nm for 4mm bits
  • 4-973 torque adapter 0.3Nm for 4mm bits
  • 4-974 torque adapter 0.4Nm for 4mm bits
  • 4-975 torque adapter 0.5Nm for 4mm bits
  • 4-976 torque adapter 0.6Nm for 4mm bits
  • 4-564 bit Adapter 1/4 to 4mm bits, length 42,5mm
  • 4-566 bit Adapter 1/4 to 4mm bits, length 25mm