• stripping wires with diameter 0.4-0.65 mm 22-26 AWG possible
  • Full Flush (without side face, cut completely flush)
  • cutting capacity soft/medium/hard/piano Ø in mm: 0.8/0/0/0
  • head width 10 mm
  • blade length 8 mm
  • material tool steel (HRC 56-58)
  • surface burnished
  • 1-component plastic handle non-slip
  • length 130 mm
  • weight 80 g


Electronics side cutter is suitable for soft wires, such as copper or similar uncoated wires, up to Ø 1.0 mm / 18 AWG. In the cutters is an extra stripping hole, for wire stripping of 0.4 – 0.65 mm 22-26 AWG. This mini side cutter, with very pointed and slightly curved cutting edges, reaches fine wires in the tightest of spaces.


With integrated stripping function of fine wires with a diameter of 0.4 – 0.65 mm 22-26 AWG. The cutting edges are ground without a cutting edge and leave a flush cut on the wire. Please note that the cutting edges are designed for soft wires; wires or nails that are too firm will damage the cutting edge. The pliers are made of high quality steel with a burnished surface. The ergonomically shaped handles are made of sturdy plastic.