• content: see parts list below
  • tip thickness 0.2 mm (+/-0.05 tolerance)
  • material stainless steel SA
  • matt polished surface, smooth and glare-free
  • measures 130 x 140 x 20 mm
  • weight 150 g


SPECIAL TWEEZERS FOR SMD TECHNOLOGY. High-quality precision tweezers made of stainless steel, matt polished, antimagnetic, acid-resistant.


SMD tweezers set ULTRA FINE consists of:

  • 5-060-0 leatherette bag 6 empty pockets
  • 5-049-UF SMD tweezers 110mm form 4 stainless steel very pointed
  • 5-051-UF SMD tweezers 120mm form 2 stainless steel very pointed
  • 5-052-UF SMD tweezers 110mm form 5b stainless steel angle 30° very pointed
  • 5-055-UF SMD tweezers 120mm form 7a stainless steel angle 40° very pointed
  • 5-072-UF universal tweezers ULTRA FINE 110mm form 3c stainless steel very pointed
  • 5-078-UF universal tweezers ULTRA FINE 130mm form PSF stainless steel very pointed