Considering the feedback we received for our online order application that we have offered to our customers in the past years, our application developments have been completed for 2020.

In 2020, you can quickly send your order to our company for your electronic production needs. Soldering equipments, solders, fluxes, ESD materials, electrical and electronic tool bags, electronic card fault detection devices (PCB testers) and chemicals sales App can be downloaded directly from our links below to review our product portfolio. Also for detailed information, you can contact with our company directly.

We will continue to add improvements to our application annually to meet the expectations of our customers. If you want to send feedback using our application, you can always give feedback via our info@ersaelektrik.com e-mail address. Also, you can demand language packages for your country.

You can use the following suitable options for your phone to download the ERSA App and immediately, you can place your order without waiting.

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