Model: BX-500 | UPC: 800837000217

This temperature calibrator is for calibrating non-contact infrared thermometers up to 500°C (932°F).

Manual Datasheet

REED BX-500 Offers

This infrared temperature calibrator provides accurate temperatures to calibrate non-contact temperature instruments. The BX-500 is capable of generating temperatures up to 932°F (500°C) and is designed to accommodate various infrared thermometers.

What’s included with the REED BX-500

  • Infrared Calibrator
  • Power Cord


  • For calibrating non-contact temperature instruments (infrared thermometers, pyrometers, and thermal imagers)
  • Wide aperture compensates for optical infrared thermometer variations
  • Contact RTD reference well located directly behind the blackbody target to assure accurate results

Ideal Applications for the REED BX-500

Calibrate non-contact temperature instruments; Infrared Thermometers and Thermal Imagers.